“Mountain biking in Whistler is way too hard for me. I’m just a beginner and I’ve seen the videos.” You would be surprised at how often we hear this when we are chatting to guests in the rental shop. Yes, Whistler does have a lot of very intimidating trails that are some of the steepest, and most difficult in the world but that isn’t all Whistler is about. This isn’t helped when you stroll up to the base of the Whistler Bike Park the first thing you see is the Redbull Joyride slopestyle course. 


Whistler has a vast network of trails and numerous skills parks both in the valley and in the bike park that cater to new mountain bikers. If you are riding in the valley, The Resort Municipality of Whistler and WORCA have invested in new skills parks for riders of every ability level from beginners to experts to dial in their skills.  If you are near the day-lots you will find two new pump tracks, three lanes of roller trails, and four lanes of dirt jumps that have been built over the last few years. If you are in the Whistler Bike park you will find skill centres spread out all over the Fitzsimons zone. 

Whistler Valley Trails 

For beginner mountain bikes a great place to start is on the valley trail then riding through Lost Lake. If you are on the valley trail going from lake to lake you can ride gentle crushed gravel trails such as Lost Lake Loop, Fitz nature trail, Tin Pants, and Molly Hogan. Once someone is feeling confident with these trails you head into a few of the Lost Lake single track!

 Whistler Bike Park Trails 

The Whistler Bike Park has an ever-expanding network of beginner terrain and skills areas. Over the past few summers trail crews have built new practice areas at Olympic Station. Every morning you will see countless numbers of riders learning new skills on flat ground then moving to newly built trails that are designed to mimic what they will be descending before having to make their way down the mountain. 

When a beginner is going into the bike park the first trails to ride are Easy-Does-It, Rodd & Todd, and Golden Triangle. These are green flow trails that have been built with beginners in mind. Nothing too steep, not too many obstacles to ride over or around, and as smooth as a trail crew could make it. Easy-Does-It was built with a 4×4 truck in mind so there is lots of space on the trail! 

Whether it’s your first-time mountain biking or you are wanting to become a better rider, it’s always a good idea to take a local guide with you. The guide will be able to teach you the appropriate skills needed to ride the appropriate trails. They will also make sure that you don’t end up on trails that are above your skill level. The terrain in Whistler for beginners is incredible and don’t let the video scare you off. Whistler has something for everyone at every ability level!

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