Price of New Truck – $50,000

  Price of New Sled Deck – $6,000

  Price of New Sled – $18,000

  Average Depreciation – $4,000 per year 

Snowmobiling can be a very expensive sport when you start looking at all the costs involved. The above are the primary purchases that you could be making before you get on the snow. Theoretically these purchases could cost you around $74,000, up front. A rental snowmobile is only $385 per day and you don’t have to worry about maintenance, storage, fuel or oil. All you have to do with a rental is show up and go riding! Based on those upfront costs, you would have to rent a snowmobile 164 times to match the upfront cost of getting into the sport!   

Now for the now so extravagant purchases to get into the sport. You can buy a quality used snowmobile for anywhere between $10,000 – $13,000 with some warranty remaining.  If you are renting a snowmobile at ery  per day or purchase a snowmobile for $10,000 it would take 26 days of renting before you spend the same amount. Renting, you have no worries about storage, maintenance, fuel and oil costs. 

Think of all the savings you can rack up by renting a snowmobile!

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